About Business Coral ?


What is bcoral?

A group of companies makes a coral that acts as a complete unit to perform complex tasks

how it works?

Diversity brings them closer to one another, commonality of interests

Why bcoral is needed?

The companies, despite specialization still need further assistance to contemplate arithmetic complexities

Prospects of bcoral

Business coral provides a sort of diverse ecosystem to small and medium level companies worldwide

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This connectivity offers a conducive environment for the evolution of the business coral

Team bcoral

The team of bcoral.de has all the expertise to generate any befitting environment to perform any business activity at any level

Together we survive the competition and thrive in the international environment

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Why business coral?

The best phenomenon we see in nature is that of coral reefs that depict highest harmony to live and help live tens of thousands of marine species that rely on these for a diverse ecosystem.

Their formation phenomenon, philanthropist nature and social role inspire us to develop a business coral. The world needs to build a similar consortium to that of freelancer.com but in the better form of a global alliance of small and medium level companies that may act as different departments to execute different complex projects collectively and coordinately by using the maximum potential of all the partners together.

The more the specialists in unison, the fewer the limitations is the key to address this paradox

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what we do

Web and Mobile APPs

Development of APPs and customized web systems. Web and Mobile responsive designs adaptable to all types of devices

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Social Media

Creation and management of Social Media Networks. Integrate web services with your Social Media portals

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E-commerce for of your e-business and to help you make your internet business profitable from domain name to hosting services

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Consulting services

Services for strategy of your e-business and to help you make your internet business profitable and with more emerging

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Telecom Services

Telecommunication services and international minutes

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HR Management

ideology to maximize employee performance in service

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Trading & Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy for online businesses & Trading

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Geo-strategic Analysis

Geo-strategic Analysis to check regional potential

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``He who ignores system analysis approach often develops a narrower vision based on superficial knowledge``


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IT drives Innovation; Innovation leads to Business Success.

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Business coral provides a sort of diverse ecosystem to small and medium level companies worldwide

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